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Over 90% of internet start-ups fail. Will you be one of them? Measure your business with this amazing new tool called “Startup Genome Compass.” It will allow you to benchmark your small internet business against thousands of other businesses to gauge how you are doing and if you are making the right decisions. What a powerful tool for new tech startups!!

Tool to Predict Tech Start-up Success |








When does the IT provider become part of a crime? If we provide you a computer and you use the computer for criminal activity, we are not at fault. However, if we know your intent to perform a crime and still sell you the computer, we are now implicated. That is the case that has now been mitigated by Google.

Why do the search engines, online directories, and your IT professionals place certain barriers in your way? Because they can be liable for what you do with it. Search engine liability is new specialty in law with this settlement. It will effect every business that actively interfaces with a search engine for marketing purposes.

Behind Google’s $500 Million Settlement With U.S. –





How do you capture a customer with print ads in the bathroom and combine it with your website? Try a QR code.

Search marketing is great for when consumers are searching, but don’t forget your basic creativity when working on your next marketing campaign. Your online marketing should still work with your non-web marketing.

Mobile, Local, Barcodes, and Bathroom Stalls – Search Engine Watch #SEW.


Social media is merely your ticket to the show. It gets you to the door, where you have a chance to have real conversations with people and treat them like human beings… think about social media as amplifying customer opinion rather than improving it.


The Truth about Social Media « Bokardo.








I often get asked questions about what to expect for traffic increases once a new website promotional effort is launched. This is a challenging question to answer.

The biggest problem a new website faces is that search engines look for signals that the site provides a high quality response to a user’s search query. Branding can play a huge role in this picture.

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Branding, PR, and SEO: Send the Right Signals – Search Engine Watch #SEW.


Never have there been more software choices for the small business. Considering all the information you need to manage, which ones do the best job?

via The Best Back Office Software for Running Your Business |

Dorado Media can work with you to create your own front office or back office solutions. We have experience creating software for both and experience in combining front office tools with back office tools into a single application. If these recommended tools, don’t fit your need, contact us today to discuss how we can solve that issue.


Top Movies for Entrepreneurs | Want to learn great tips for your business while relaxing? Enjoy these movies…


Getting Ready for Global Business: The Benefits of the Foreign Language Internet – Search Engine Watch #SEW.

The key point for search engine marketers is that, despite the massive growths in foreign languages online, there is still relatively far less content in languages other than English – and that means dramatically less competition for Internet marketing campaigns.

Foreign language Internet marketing delivers better ROI and faster results, and the case studies of companies that have succeeded prove the point.


Public Relations for Start-ups | |

Think Facebook and Twitter are all you need to get the word out about your new business? Here are eight more ways to get some media attention.


Google AdWords Express Sabotages Local Organic Listings – Search Engine Watch (#SEW).

Google’s recently released local advertisement tool, AdWords Express, has revealed what may be a deadly flaw: Users who advertise via Express will have their ad displayed instead of their organic listing on blended search results.

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