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What keywords improve my local SEO search results? That will be a lot harder to determine now. That’s right, Google is taking that information away from us. The impact on SEO campaigns will be huge. My hunch is that we will become more dependent on using pay per click to get insight to keywords. I guess that’s better for Google to make more money, but hurts those of us who are trying to still build organic results.

I am sure there is more to come on this topic over the next few weeks as the SEO industry will search for alternatives. For additional information on this change, check out this article from SEOptimise:

Google dropping analytics keyword data – what does this mean? | SEOptimise.

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How important is a local SEO focused campaign? Consider this…Walmart, the super marketer, with over 9 million Facebook followers is embracing local targeted marketing. Social marketing and search engine marketing is increasingly local specific. If you have not yet embraced the local SEO approach to online marketing, you are getting left behind. Call us today to discuss how you can improve your local marketing strategy.

For more information on the Walmart strategy, check out this link: Walmart Focuses on Local with Facebook – Search Engine Watch #SEW.


Get ranked in the top 10 on Google use to be goal of every business utilizing organic SEO. The focus was on keywords and meta tags.  That was just a couple years ago. Now, while knowing your keywords is still important for including in your content and focusing your effort, it takes a lot more to get on the top of Google today.

Execute a local SEO focused campaign

One of the most effect internet marketing campaigns you can execute is a local SEO marketing campaign. Establishing your local places on Google, Yahoo & Bing can place you at the top of the page. Yes, local map results are on top, but being placed on the map is also tied to your organic results. Likewise, paying for adwords can also increase your organic ranking. Do a search yourself for something in your local town. For example, if you live in Orlando and you need SEO services, execute a search for “Orlando FL SEO“. How many organic results are on the page? At the top is the paid ads and local results, below that is the organic local results.

For a list of some additional items that impact your SEO campaign, check out this link:

30 Google SERP Changes That Impact Your SEO Strategy | SEOptimise.

Here, at Dorado Media Corp., we focus highly on local SEO campaigns for small businesses in the Daytona Beach – Orlando, FL market. Request a free assessment & quote today.


Bing Offers Airport Maps

Bing continues to make strides to capture niche markets in the search engine battle. Bing has now added airport maps. These are not just airport layouts, but business locations within an airport. Recently, Bing has added discount searching to search deals from multiple sources at once. Now ads in Groupon, Living Social, Target and more will show up in Bing results.

Internet marketers may want to consider taking advantage of these niche social searches that Bing is investing in. To read more about the recent improvements, try this article…

Microsoft’s Bing Now Offers Airport Maps – Search Engines – News & Reviews –


How does your advertising, articles, press releases and other forms of interaction with your customer base impact your ideal customer online? Recent study by says there are three types of searches:

1. answer me

2. educate me

3. inspire me

Does your online marketing provide information to meet one of these consumer needs? When writing articles to improve your local SEO, try aiming specifically at one of these types of searches.

For more info on the study, click below… study identifies three kinds of search behavior :: BtoB Magazine.


Google decline impact SEO?

Results for share in the search engine market show a slight decline in Google’s dominance. Will Yahoo and Bing make improvements over the coming year and take away even more of Google’s dominance?

Regardless, whenever retaining local SEO services from a provider, you should ensure your local SEO provider includes Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL in their efforts. Yes, they have less of the market, yet still count for billions of searches.

August 2011 search engine share data, Google shows slight decline | Online Marketing Agency Blog | Browser Media Ltd.


Display Ad Yard Sale

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL are joining forces to compete with Google’s ads. Google’s dominance of display ads continues to be a revenue market that Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL want a larger piece from. Will this working together provide a better platform for advertisers to increase their coverage? Time will tell. With our experience at Dorado Media Corp, we have seen lower costs for clicks through Microsoft ads and by providing more targets to shoot at through this alliance, it may increase the demand and price per click.

For more information on this announcement, click on this article:

Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL Band Together for Display Ad Yard Sale – Search Engine Watch (#SEW).


Original, relevant content continues to become more important and will only become more important over the next year. Remember, content that you write is not only for your customers, it is also for the search engines to improve your search engine rankings. For some additional reading, try this well written article…

Using search as an efficient medium for direct b-to-b marketing :: BtoB Magazine.


Content Marketing Tips

Content is king. I am sure you have heard that many times when talking about web marketing. But how do you create content continuously for your website? Have writers block? Here’s a few tips for your content marketing.

Content – Seven Ideas to Jump-Start Your Content Marketing [Slide Show] : MarketingProfs Article.








I often get asked questions about what to expect for traffic increases once a new website promotional effort is launched. This is a challenging question to answer.

The biggest problem a new website faces is that search engines look for signals that the site provides a high quality response to a user’s search query. Branding can play a huge role in this picture.

Read more…

Branding, PR, and SEO: Send the Right Signals – Search Engine Watch #SEW.

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